A Tour through the Canavese

Discovering Canavese Driving Vintage Convertibles

Suggested length of tour: 1 Day

This tour will take you around the northeast area of ​​Piedmont, called the Canavese, driving through nature reserves, Savoy castles dating back to the 18th century and the majestic and scenic morainic amphitheater of Ivrea with its small lake of glacial origin.

The route begins driving through some villages of the low Canavese and entering the small nature reserve of Vauda you ​​will get to Rivarolo Canavese, a small town nestled at the bottom of the valley famous for its fine eighteenth-century arcades.

The journey continues among rolling hills and open country, to reach the famous ducal castle of Agliè, one of the most celebrated of Piedmont, UNESCO heritage site, loved by directors and writers from around the world and set one of the most popular Italian TV series "Elisa di Rivombrosa".

Past the castle, one can still be fascinated by the ancient and charming medieval village of Agliè and get ready for the next part of the drive on a side of this majestic natural amphitheater.

Before reaching Ivrea, the main city of the area, you will have the chance to admire the Pavone castle, surrounded by a small village that gives it a peculiar air of fairytale.

Once in Ivrea we recommend a walk through the inner streets, between the medieval buildings of the many districts, famous throughout Italy for the Battle of the Oranges held every year during carnival.

Leaving Ivrea you will be driving toward Viverone and its lake, just a few minutes drive and it will be already on sight, framed by beautiful surrounding hills and with its lakeside path to spend some time out of your amazing convertible.

Next stop is the Castello di Masino, recently become heritage of the FAI and offering, from every angle, astonishing views over the valley of Canavese.

The journey comes to an end with a winding stretch of road leading to the small and peaceful Candia Lake and then to Caluso, house of Erbaluce, one of the finest wines of Piedmont.

Few more kilometers to reach the conclusion of this tour, a short one that more than often leaves a side effect: the urge to plan as soon as possible another driving holiday in Italy!

The following 4 cars are based in this area and you will get them without any additional fee. Of course if you like to explore the area with a different car, just ask!