That Branch of the Lake of Como

A Driving Holiday on the footsteps of The Betrothed

Suggested length of tour: 1 Day (2nd Day Extension Lecco)

Day 1

The tour starts from Como, a beautiful town on the south-western shore of the lake, formerly important Roman city, still retains prestigious artefacts, imposing walls of fortifications and ancient monuments. Of great impact is the Volta Temple, a tribute to the scientist Alessandro Volta, perhaps the most famous citizen of Como, where you can find memorabilia of the great man of science.

Leaving then city behind enjoy a drive along the lakefront streets through charming landscapes all the way to Menaggio, a tiny town nestled on the banks of the lake, with a beautiful view on the famous village of Bellagio.

Is time now to take the ferry from Menaggio to the banks of the Bellagio promontory. City full of charm, with a spectacular view of the three branches of lake with the perfect backdrop of the imposing mountain range of the Alps. This beauty has not gone unnoticed abroad, the Rockefeller Foundation in New York is the owner of the Villa Serbelloni, probably one of the the most magnificent palaces of Como area.

It's now time to decide whether to get back home, heading south to the starting point enjoying the opposite side of the lake, or take another short trip by ferry to reach Varenna, country of medieval charm famous for its romantic “walk of love”.

Day 2

The journey continues on the shores of Lake Lecco (the branch of Lake Como pointing south-east) to reach the homonymous city, a real gem nestled between the lake and the river Adda.

It only remains to to enjoy the quaint village of Malgrate, known as the Venice of the Lario, denoting a rich history and many ancient buildings typical of the Visconti period.

From here you will return to the starting point through the Regional Park of the Lambro Valley.

The following 3 cars are based in this area and you will get them without any additional fee. Of course if you like to explore the area with a different car, just ask!