Driving around Maggiore and Orta Lakes

A Driving Holiday around Northern Italy

Suggested length of tour: 1 Day

Day 1

The tour winds through two characteristic lakes of Piedmont, the little Lake Orta and the largest Lake Maggiore. The car will be delivered at the prestigious Hotel Castello Dal Pozzo in Oleggio Castello, a small town dominated by the luxurious castle, halfway between the two lakes.

The first stop on the tour is the village of Orta San Giulio, considered one of the most beautiful in Italy: suspended between the lake and the surrounding hills offers unique and unforgettable views. We suggest to drive along the lake at low speed not to miss the breathtaking scenery. Unmissable is the way that climbs up on top of the village leading to a panorama with an almost total view of the lake, with the island of San Giulio and the Holy Mount of San Francesco.

Continuing north-east, first along the lake and then driving over the hills laying between the two lakes, one will come to the famous town of Stresa, perhaps the most famous area of Lake Maggiore.

The small town is elegant and luxurious, with great views of the main touristic attraction: the Borromeo Islands, an archipelago of three small islands rivaling each other on beauty and peculiarity. Strongly suggested a short tour by boat.

Leaving Stresa, its Liberty villas and its islands, the tour continues on the western side of the lake from north to south, taking the driver and its passenger to Arona.

Town with an ancient history and housing the famous Rocca Borromeo, Arona is the birthplace of St. Charles and for its beauty and charm is a popular destination for international stars and loved by filmmakers around the world. We recommend a romantic lakeside walk and a visit to the quaint shops in the elegant narrow streets of the village.

Leaving Arona, with the lake behind the shoulders and a bit of melancholy, one will return to the Hotel Castello Dal Pozzo, where the tour will end.

The recommended period is certainly the spring, where the luxuriant nature, with its flowers and its fragrance, can add a special touch of magic.

The following 6 cars can be delivered on request at Castello dal Pozzo: