Tour of the Savoy Villas

Admiring Ancient Villas Driving Vintage Convertibles

Suggested length of tour: 1 Day

Turin, starting point of this tour, is a city with a centuries-long history that in recent years has become a popular destination for tourists from around the world. The elegance and the typical style of the many eighteenth century buildings guide the traveler in a visual and almost unique emotional experience. The House of Savoy has strongly influenced the design and the art of Turin itself and of the surrounding areas, embellishing with villas and castles of fine workmanship the amazing natural landscapes.

Reggia di Venaria Reale

The royal palace, summer residence of the Savoy family, is located about thirty minutes drive heading north from the center of Turin. Palace full of charm, selected by artists and directors of international level, has become one of the most visited villas in Italy.

Palazzina di Stupinigi

Turning your attention southward from Turin's city centre and driving on a long straight road for about the same time you will directly reaching Stupinigi's Hunting Palace, one of the best preserved Savoy's Villas residences, that will welcomes you with a majestic entrance that leaves speechless every first-timer.

Royal Castle of Racconigi

Now it's time to keep driving south and reach the castle of Racconigi, built as a monastery, then turned into a fortress to keep safe the treasures of the House of Savoy, and finally a residence for the royal family. From the eighteenth century it was used by the Savoy as a summer retreat, a haven of peace and relaxation at a short distance from the city.

Royal Castle of Moncalieri

On your way back to Turin, it's worth a stop Moncalieri's Castle, impressive and majestic in located in a perfect position to "keep an eye" on all the city.

A piece of advice: do not miss a stop at the Basilica of Superga, offering fantastic views of the city.

The following 4 cars are based in this area and you will get them without any additional fee. Of course if you like to explore the area with a different car, just ask!